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Manuscript Review

Manuscript Review:

Receive an editorial letter that addresses every part of your manuscript with suggestions for improvement, including a Next Steps summary.

Rate: $15/1000 words for 20,000+ (so for a 100,000-word manuscript, expect to pay $1500)

Turnaround time: one month

Express rate (2 week turnaround): Rate: $18/1000 words for 20,000+

Manuscript Review plus: add a one-hour Zoom consultation for $150

Substantive Edit

Receive an editorial letter that addresses every part of your manuscript with suggestions for improvement, including a Next Steps summary, plus a thorough line-edit of your manuscript.

Rate: $3,000 flat rate for up to 100,000 words

Turnaround time: 1 month

Express rate (2 week turnaround): $4,000

Substantive Edit plus: add a one-hour Zoom consultation for $150


A four-month or six-month process. Flesh out your book idea and get editorial feedback on your writing. Access expertise around overcoming resistance to writing, developing story and structure, pitching to editors, and other elements of writing and publishing. Includes regular zoom meetings, written editorial feedback, and more. Payment plans available.

Four month coaching: $2,000

Six month coaching: $3,000

Project Consult

Get your bearings in your project. Ask questions, get advice, find your feet, test your ideas. Consults are offered on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cadence, customizable to suit your needs. Consults must be purchased as a package to take advantage of discounted pricing (ie, four one-hour consults purchased discretely will be charged at a rate of $200 each. Four one-hour consults purchased as a package will be charged at $400 for all.)

One hour consult: $200

Two one-hour consults: $300

Three one-hour consults: $350

Four one-hour consults: $400

“Stephanie is more than an editor—though she is a kind but discriminating, hardworking, hopeful, helpful and skilful one. Above all she’s an encourager and an empathizer, a cheerleader, coach and commiserator, a teacher and talk-througher. All the things that a writer needs to overcome the fear, resistance, and devastation associated with the fact that their work needs work, that their writing needs rewriting, that their final draft is not finished. She’s more than an editor—she’s a terrific one!”

Anna Quon
Author, Where the Silver River Ends

I was no novice when Stephanie and I teamed up to work on my most recent novel. It was my fourth book, and I knew from my first read-through of her initial notes that I was in the hands of a literary editor of the highest calibre. Stephanie identified and clearly articulated what was working and what was not working in the text, and more importantly, gave me insightful guidance on how to turn up the dial on the former and turn down the dial on the latter.Together we whittled a 113,000 word manuscript down to a fighting weight of 75,000 words. That process was not painless. It was a lot of work. But I could not be more pleased with the result, nor more confident that the work we did made my book the very best it could be.”

Leo McKay, Jr
Author, What Comes Echoing Back

I contacted Stephanie to provide editing services for a manuscript that I was in the process of revising. Not only did she read the manuscript (which by itself is so helpful) she provided a seven-page document outlining issues with plot, character, and dialogue.
It’s difficult for any writer to get down into the weeds of their own work. The recommendations and insights that Stephanie provided were not only helpful, they kept me
motivated to continue writing.
Stephanie is sensitive to the needs of new writers. She’s
professional, thorough and prompt. We had a zoom call at the end of our work together and aside from being dedicated to her craft, she is one of the nicest people you’ll ever work with!”

Louise Michalos
Bedford, NS

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