Go ahead, ask me anything

Well, my first event of this Atlantic Book Awards Week went off without a hitch. Great, funny, articulate writers, and a really attentive and interested crowd, in a fine venue. What more can you ask for?

It reminded me anew that my favourite part of just about any event is the Q&A session. God, I love those. I could do whole events that are JUST Q&As.

And then it occurred to me. I could just ask you if you have any Qs… and then I could give you the As! And wouldn’t that be fun for both of us? I know for sure it will be fun for me. So, fire away. Fill the comments with questions, and I’ll answer them all in a future post.

I’m sure all three of you are just bursting at the seams with questions for me.


11 responses to “Go ahead, ask me anything”

  1. Here’s my question – Who are you? (Haha!) Ok, I know who you are. What I didn’t know was that you are a singer? Do tell.
    Now, I’m the second one to comment, where is the other person? 😉

  2. Well, the question I most like to ask you is: When are you coming home for a visit?!

    But a meatier, more interesting question is: How do you silence the snarky inner critic who tells you that you’re not good enough? What do you do when the self-doubt creeps in? Or does it? Maybe it doesn’t…but if it does, whattaya do?

  3. Hey Steph,

    I’ve got a question, maybe even two. What sort of writing rituals, if any, do you have?

    Also, what inspires or motivates you to write?

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    How steep an incline can a commercial airplane taxi up? Does it make a difference if the fuel tanks are full or empty?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi Steph,
    I guess I have a couple of questions.
    First, to what manner of experiment-gone-awry do you attribute the origin of your awesomeness?
    Second: Do these jeans make me look fat?

  6. How do you fit regular writing into your days, on top of full time work at CBC? Is your writing time carefully scheduled? Do you stick to scheduled writing times? Do you set yourself mini deadlines along the way?

  7. Hey Steph,

    Is consistency really a virtue? (You probably don’t remember that conversation, but I do. It was one of my favourites.) I could be obvious and ask about tides…

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