Go ahead, ask me anything

Well, my first event of this Atlantic Book Awards Week went off without a hitch. Great, funny, articulate writers, and a really attentive and interested crowd, in a fine venue. What more can you ask for?

It reminded me anew that my favourite part of just about any event is the Q&A session. God, I love those. I could do whole events that are JUST Q&As.

And then it occurred to me. I could just ask you if you have any Qs… and then I could give you the As! And wouldn’t that be fun for both of us? I know for sure it will be fun for me. So, fire away. Fill the comments with questions, and I’ll answer them all in a future post.

I’m sure all three of you are just bursting at the seams with questions for me.

See you tonight?

Just a quick note that Atlantic Book Awards Week is underway…lots of events this week. Tonight I’ll be at the Company House on Gottingen Street at 8pm. There’s a book panel featuring the nominees for the Margaret and John Savage First Book Award: Mark Blagrave, Catherine Banks and Ian Colford. We’ll be talking about the journey from manuscript to publication. Oh, what a long strange trip it can be. Plus, there will be readings, and books for sale, and writers willing to sign their name in your brand new copy of their award-winning or -nominated book. Also…it’s free to get in. What are you waiting for? Put your shoes on and go down there, already.


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