The Common

…is a group of writers in Halifax, with satellite members in Newfoundland and Toronto. Carsten Knox, Sarah Mian, Jaime Forsythe, Ryan Turner and I meet regularly in Halifax to consume wine and snacks, take writers’ retreats in haunted houses in rural Nova Scotia, mock each other endlessly, and occasionally even discuss matters of interest to writers.

Newfoundland members are Wanda Nolan and Camille Fouillard. Sue Carter holds down the Toronto fort.

We don’t all get to be together as often as we’d like, but we spend a lot of time plotting ways to take over the world. Seriously talented group and I’m lucky to get to be among them.


4 Comments on “The Common”

  1. Sarah Mian says:

    If I wasn’t a member of The Common I would be so jealous of The Common. I would stalk us. I would plot ways to overthrow our fun. I would spraypaint crude, unimaginative things about us on buses. So, it’s a good thing I’m in.

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