The view from my desk

One of my rules for writing a novel is: stay home. Don’t go anywhere interesting to write, because mostly you will just explore the new place and not so much with the writing. And here I am, breaking one of my own rules, on the first Monday of the rest of my life.

I’m at a purportedly haunted house near Melmerby Beach, just outside of New Glasgow, with Sarah Mian and Jasmine Oore, for a week of writing and hijinks.

The view from my desk is distracting, to say the least.


I am hoping the novelty wears off by tomorrow so I can dig into Good Birds Don’t Fly Away. Here are some other things I am hoping:

• That my protagonist in this novel will have an external antagonist, for once

• That the ankle-deep water of my story will be up to my mid-calf by the time this week is over

• That the ghost that haunts this place will go easy on us

For now, I’m just drinking in the early moments of what promises to be an exquisite winter sunset, and trying not to hyperventilate at the prospect of actually spending the week face to face with a novel I’ve done my best to avoid writing for two years now.

It’s gonna be great.


4 responses to “The view from my desk”

  1. All the best for your week’s endeavors and on those of the rest of your life. I love a writer’s Monday even though they fly by almost as rapidly as I used to find my teacher’s Mondays did. I just returned from my daily walk and ruminating on my day. Mondays and this thing called writing are truly a gift we have been given and one not to be squandered. Writing pondered is almost writing done and more done than the writing not even considered. Enjoy the adventure!

  2. I know that view 🙂 It’s a gorgeous view – hope it leads to a productive week of writing for you Stephanie. I’m looking forward to doing my first triathlon in a few decades at Melmerby later this year – would like it to warm up a bit first, although the +9 today for running New Glasgow-Stellarton was pretty darned nice! Enjoy your time out there.

  3. Can’t wait…this is the raw Stephanie that’s waited to come out. The first is the worst (first moment writing again or first time in a new spot) you’ll get a creative flow again! Thanks for sharing the process.

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