The other side

I can’t say for sure what my “new life” is like, because I’ve mostly been on vacation since my “old life” wrapped up. But I can say with confidence that there’s no way my old life would have afforded me a three-week break at Christmas. So I guess that’s an indication.

I can say I don’t miss that old life. It has been amazing to feel it streaming off my shoulders, receding further into the distance behind me. I feel freer each day.

I can say I have so many offers of work/so much actual work it panics me a little about how I’ll get my writing done. It is a good problem to have, as a freelancer. I know this.

I can say I am cooking up a couple of interesting (to me, at any rate) projects I hope to launch in Halifax before spring.

I can say leaving that old life behind remains among the best decisions I’ve ever made.



2 responses to “The other side”

  1. The universe seems to agree with your gut instinct. I miss hearing you on Mainstreet, but I’m so happy you decided to follow this new path.

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