Tonight, tonight

We hit the road at seven in the morning yesterday and drove across the landscape Lansing and Evan and Dacey travelled in the pages of Fallsy Downsies. We pulled over between Sackville and Moncton, where Lansing developed a hate-on for journalists, to take a call from the radio station in Guelph about my launch there on Tuesday night. We encountered just the merest bit of bad weather and traffic tie-ups, and with a second wind each, we decided to press on, doing the drive in one straight shot. Eighteen and a half hours later, we pulled into the driveway at my mom’s in Mississauga and I exhaled the way you do when you get home.

And in a couple of hours, we’ll head down to the Belljar Cafe in the Junction for the Toronto launch of Fallsy Downsies. I am excited to see friends and family and others, and to introduce them to Lansing, Evan and Dacey. And I’m almost blacked-out with excitement about wearing this amazing charm bracelet made by my equally amazing sister:Image


If I’m not the luckiest, I’m sure I don’t know who is.


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