Great. Full. Grateful.

Well, it’s hard to know where to go from here. Wednesday night’s launch for Fallsy Downsies was pretty much perfect. My inlaws came down from Moncton, friends arrived from the south shore, and even from Ontario (they were coming anyway for the Halifax Pop Explosion, but organized their travel so they could arrive a day early for my launch), to be part of the big night. The Carleton laid on the snacks, the King’s Co-op Bookstore had a lovely set up of my books, and the small but mighty crew from Invisible was on hand raring to get going.

The venue was packed to the gills. My voice was giving out, heralding a cold now in full bloom, but I could have read all night. What an absolute pleasure to launch my book among such lovely, attentive company. There was a nice line up of eager readers afterward, waiting patiently to get their books signed and over all it was just a perfect, perfect night.

I am so grateful that this is the life I get to lead.


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