It shall be released

It’s here! Official book release day is finally here! The day I thought would never come, through long years of trying to eke out a few sentences alongside my day job, then those intense months of winter and spring of writing and rewriting thousands of words a day, and the endless-seeming summer of waiting, waiting, waiting for it to be October 1. You need to know I’ve never wished for October 1 to come before. Usually I’m the one still in her bathing suit at the end of September, holding off autumn as long as I can but this year — this year I longed for October 1.

Fallsy Downsies is now officially available in a bookstore near you! If you don’t see it on the shelf in fiction, ask the store to order one in for you. Or you can order it online if you’d rather. Or take it out of the library. It doesn’t matter how you get it, so long as you do. I’m so keen to hear from you about what you think. 

This part of the writing life is so strange. The writing and editing are done and there’s literally nothing else I can do for my book but hope people want to read it. And so it’s a bit of a lonesome time — so keep me company in the comments, wouldja? If you read it and you like it, let me know. If you read it and you don’t like it, you could let me know that, as well. Though there’s nothing I can do about that now but be sorry. So maybe… don’t let me know in too much detail, yeah?

Thanks for reading. This update, my book, books at all. It’s so good to be in the company of readers. At last.


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