The werewolf goes, the fine coat running

There’s a scene in Fallsy Downsies wherein Dacey Brown is singing along with Hey Nineteen by Steely Dan as she and Lansing and Evan drive across Ontario. And all her life, she has misheard the lyrics to the chorus, which doesn’t stop her singing along. We’re taking that scene as inspiration for a Twitter contest, starting today!

We have one Advance Reading copy of Fallsy Downsies left, and on Friday, we’ll do a random draw from the entries we receive. Enter as often as you like, just be sure to use the hashtag fallsydownsies. Tell us your own Mondegreen and maybe win an ARC of Fallsy Downsies, weeks before it’s available in stores. Here we go! Whee!

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May the best — or more randomly drawn — Mondegreen win!


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