What a drag, indeed

Here’s a line you won’t be reading in Fallsy Downsies: What a drag it is getting old. You may recognize it from Mother’s Little Helper by the Rolling Stones. In my final draft of the book, Lansing Meadows thinks that sentence and then muses that getting old has gone just fine for Mick Jagger, though it’s gone less well for Lansing Meadows.

And the whole thing has gone sideways for yours truly, as Mick Jagger’s people have let me know that they’ve been told to charge me a minimum of two hundred and fifty dollars to use that line.

You don’t need to tell me twice. Consider it rewritten, Mick. I was always more of a Beatles fan anyhow.


3 responses to “What a drag, indeed”

  1. Gee, just over $10/letter for what many would consider a reflection of the obvious… (though there are certainly many who don’t find getting old to be a drag, but perhaps they’re more zen and/or less burdened by the massive wealth of the Mick Jaggers of the world). If you haven’t already, try making a counter offer of $50 as a token of your appreciation.

  2. Hey, Stephanie – I’m about half-way through reading my copy of your ARC and I’m hooked! Re song permissions, I used lyrics from a few songs in The Power of Harmony, and paid between $50 and $150 to the rights companies, based on a print run of about 3,000 copies (of a kid’s book), which I thought was fair – it was a lot of work tracking down who actually owned the rights. I’m kind of a fan of using public domain lyrics, too. Cheers!

  3. Hi Jan! Thanks for dropping by. And I am so glad to hear you’re hooked on Fallsy Downsies! I’m tinkering away with it, fixing up the odd typo and clunky turn of phrase, but it makes me giddy to know someone’s reading it out there! It was great to meet you, and I’ll be in touch about the radio show, too.
    Of the four rights owners I’ve been in touch with, two responded quickly, with reasonable price tags, one responded medium-fast, wanting $250, and one has yet to respond. I do love using lyrics and am happy to pay…up to a point!

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