I feel free. Or at a loss.

I received official word from my editor yesterday that the book is done. She’s sent it to Invisible, and they’ve let me know to expect page proofs soon. I feel…satisfied with what I’ve written. It’s such an odd feeling. I definitely feel that at this point, as the writer I am today, I’ve done the best I can do.

I think about my characters constantly, wondering how they’re doing. It’s so strange to spend so much time with these imaginary friends, and then to have them go quiet. And all the time that was taken up with writing — I have that time back now. But what am I do to with it all?

More importantly, how am I supposed to wait till October 1 before I can share it with you?

In the meantime, I am thinking about launch possibilities. Definitely Halifax, definitely Toronto, probably also Hamilton. Where else?

And in the more immediate future, I’m reading at the Company House in Halifax on Thursday, June 6 (why, that’s this Thursday!) along with Claire Wilkshire, whose book I can finally focus on reading now that Fallsy Downsies is written. Here is some information about this reading. You should strongly consider coming to it. I will be reading from Homing, and showing off the glorious new limited edition, which you can purchase here if you like, or at The Company House on Thursday night!

Do come. I look forward to seeing you!


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