Blue pencil special

I filed what I think is my final version of Fallsy Downsies yesterday. My editor, Bethany Gibson, is very good at her job indeed. The degree to which she has held me accountable, made an honest writer out of me, is startling. And awesome. Her careful, thorough, no-bullshit approach is exactly what I was looking for this time out. With Homing, we were all learning how to make books, me, my editor, my publisher. With Fallsy Downsies, it’s time to get serious.

And serious we have got. Bethany has queried me and my lazy writing habits to the nth degree, and it has been an amazing process. Monday she’ll send it to Invisible. Shortly thereafter, I’ll send out a couple copies to a few trusted readers I’m hoping will have a kind word or two to share on the cover of this book. And then we’re off to sales conferences and readings and a late summer proofread and cover design and all that good stuff.

Meantime, Invisible has brought out a beautiful fifth anniversary edition of Homing, with a limited edition, signed and numbered, letter press cover run, which you can buy online here, and a less limited though no less lovely edition, which you can buy in fine bookstores wherever they remain. I made a few nips and tucks, a few changes to the text in this new edition. So if you’re a Stephanie Domet compleatist, go get it. If you’ve never read Homing, this is totally the edition to read.

And the countdown to Fallsy Downsies release day is on! Officially: A hundred and twenty two days!


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