Almost there

I am not sure what I used to do before I started writing/rewriting Fallsy Downsies. The last three weeks have been given almost entirely to rewriting. Every evening and all weekend. Thousands and thousands of words. My editor made gentle suggestions, asked probing questions and just generally made a better writer of me. I decided the best way to rewrite it was to rewrite every single word. All 87,000 of them. No problem.

The rewrite also involved a pretty serious redrawing of one of the major characters, so every single scene in which she appeared needed to be rewritten which encompassed, in the final two thirds of the book, basically every single scene. Heh. 

But I was amazed at how well the work progressed, how much fun it was, really, to be cutting through my own bullshit and making the sentences better, how capable I turned out to be of writing several thousand words each and every day without excuses. Let that be a lesson to me.

It is with my brilliant editor again. It will come back to me before the weekend for a final look at minor changes. And then before long it’ll be off to be made into advance reading copies and then we’ll really be on the path.

Meanwhile, guess who created a file on her computer desktop called “new book”? Yep. This glutton for punishment. That’s right.


One Comment on “Almost there”

  1. liz feltham says:

    I can’t wait to read it! I’ve been following your journey, of course, being in awe of you since forever. It’s interesting how you give your editor so much credit; thanks to having a brilliant editor of my own back in the early article writing years, I understand and appreciate the importance of such a person. 🙂

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