When you’re having fun

Wow, where does the time go? I went back to work and suddenly five weeks flew by. It’s been a wild ride, with a city hall scandal, a federal election and a provincial budget, plus the usual news and interviews. And it’s ratings, which means I’m busy as can be, hosting this and appearing at that. (This being the Folk Fiesta in Lunenburg, that being the Home Show in Halifax). And there’s been piteously little writing, I am sorry to say.
Very sorry to say. I am having no luck finding balance. I may not have been looking for it very hard, either, though. It’s so easy to fall back into old patterns, and just work work work, and then fritter away my free time with the excuse that I worked hard all day and have earned a few hours of staring out the window (or at Plants vs Zombies). But that’s not how you get a novel written. I know that. And I need to snap out of it. (Deleted Plants vs Zombies from my phone, that was a good first step.)
And being back at work, though I do enjoy my job, is making me snappish. I was so mellow while unemployed. Now I am frantic-frantic-frantic and not very patient. Among the google searches that brought readers here in the last seven days: “stephanie domet rude.” Yeah, well, she is, sometimes, actually. More often than not, lately. If you’re googling that to find out if you’re alone in finding me rude, nah, join the club. And also, sorry about that. Other searches I am entertained by “stephanie domet singer” (only in the shower) “stephanie domet miss world canada” (I think you’re looking for my cousin, Stephanie Domet, and “stephanie domet email” (at work it’s stephanie dot domet at cbc dot ca and for personal stuff it’s stephanie dot domet at gmail dot com).
Meantime, I am working on the balance thing, and on being less rude. And I know in my soul they’re connected.


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