Day One

Well, I don’t think I wrote anything that’s gonna change the world today, but I did squeak out my allotment of twenty handwritten pages. Amounts to somewhere between two and three thousand words. My hand is aching, and I’m FREEZING (I am a heat miser and keep it cold in this house during the day, which was easy enough when I was going to the office every day, but wow, I might need to turn up the furnace and commend my long suffering work from home husband for somehow putting up with the slum conditions around here), but I am feeling pretty good about meeting my goal. It was not exactly easy, but it wasn’t exactly not easy either, if you know what I mean. Although, that was a little garbled, how could you know? I think I’m a bit delirious right now.

Anyhow, suffice to say: writing sabbatical off to a good, if shivery and delirious, start.


One response to “Day One”

  1. Hi Stephanie:
    I usually use a computer to write, but every now and again I write longhand. The flow and connection with the words are very different experiences between one and the other.
    Is there a reason you choose longhand?
    Good luck with the writing!

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