Stephanie Domet’s husband

It’s always interesting to see what brings people to this website. And lately, it’s my husband. Literally, it’s people doing web searches on the phrase “stephanie domet’s husband.” I find this hilarious. It can only be because last week on the radio, I mentioned that he’d been on tour for a million years and on the way home, almost got creamed by someone driving the wrong way on the highway and being chased by the cops. What a way to wrap up the tour! Anyhow, I mentioned him and it set off a flurry of googling, apparently.

This is doubly hilarious to me because his music rarely gets played on the local CBC, because of me. Because, as one of my employers once put it, when a request came in for his music one time, we wouldn’t want people to think that he’s getting an unfair advantage because of being married to the host. Oh ha ha. As if people could ever think that. If it’s an unfair advantage to never get played on the local shows that play music…the ones I host…well then, I guess he’s got that! Anyhow… if you’re curious about “stephanie domet’s husband” (and honestly, if you like writerly, thoughtful, catchy, awesome songs that will change your life, you should be) just click this link. And tell him I sent you.


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