Back at it

I’m up, I’m up!

Multiple Christmases had me in their grip. Then annual January crabbiness. And Kev is getting ready to release his record officially on Saturday, so I’ve been helping him with that…and unable to get much time on the laptop as he busily books a seven-week tour of Canada for spring.

But suddenly here I am! About to have a pair of meetings (on a Sunday morning no less), the first about Blowhard Presents, the occasional story telling series I co-curate. The next about Homing-the-movie. Not sure what that one will be about. Guess I’ll find out.

Time to get back to that, anyhow. Once this CD launches, Kev will be busy and out and about. And I will be able to turn my attention to that project.

Meanwhile, Fallsy Downsies creeps along.


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