A happy Fake Early Christmas to all and to all a good night

Emerging now from the fog of a (fake early) family Christmas. Kev and I have been stewing in nieces and nephew and friends and relations, endless games of Boggle and Clue and generous amazing gifts we will somehow have to pack into our suitcases today and wheel on to the plane to go back to Halifax. It’s been a whirlwind five days in Toronto and environs (mostly environs) and I really hate to leave. It’s so hard, always always. Won’t be back till July. Sigh.

But still to come, Latkepalooza on Saturday, which will engender the frying of many many many potato pancakes and lots of good times.

A short recovery, then Real, On-Time Christmas in Amherst, Moncton and environs. Mostly, again, environs.

Then a long, cold, dark winter with lots of writing in it.

Looking forward to it all, always.


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