A post in search of a title, and possibly also a point

I said I was looking forward to winter, but maybe I meant not quite yet. It’s been a cold and blustery week in Halifax… three measly degrees today. Too soon, too soon! Kev is away now… he’ll be home for a few hours on Sunday, but then gone again, for a month. The furnace is on as I type this. I am too wussy to tough it out till November.

Tara Thorne and I are cooking up a delicious edition of Porkpie for October 29. (Or Porkies, as the unfortunate typo on the poster at the Company House has it). I’m so pleased with the direction in which the series is heading. We’re starting to hear from people who want to read at it, which is always a good thing. So I’m very pleased to report that our bill on October 29 will feature matt robinson, Susan Mersereau, Eva Madden-Hagen, Ryan Turner (whose new book is very nearly ready, and about whom you should be very excited) and myself rounding out the bill just for kicks. Tara will host, it’ll start at 7pm and be done by 9, and it’s a Thursday, which means cheap-but-good wine at the CoHo. You’d be silly to miss it, really.

I feel like I had something else to say… and now I’m not convinced I did. It’s kind of been that kind of day.


One response to “A post in search of a title, and possibly also a point”

  1. hi stephanie.

    i’m pretty excited about the upcoming porkpie event myself. thanks again for finding me a spot!


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