A Shelburne state of mind

It is festival season round the Domet-Corbett household. The weekend just past, we were in Lunenburg for the excellent Folk Harbour Festival. Kev released his brand new record, Son of a Rudderless Boat, on Thursday night on the Festival’s mainstage. It was awesome. He received a huge, rolling, standing ovation (not that standing-Os are rare round these parts, but this one seemed to go on and on. And then all weekend long, he was getting high-fived everywhere we went. It was super cool.

The weekend coming up is the second annual Shelburne Writers’ Festival. I’m hosting the proceedings, and will be reading, as well. Maybe from Homing, but more likely from Fallsy Downsies. I am excited to be sharing the stage with writers like Donna Morrissey and Kenneth J Harvey among many others. Kev will also be playing… he’s the live music portion of the open mic on Saturday night. It’s going to be a fun weekend.

It’s also going to mean our garden remains unweeded for another week, but such is the life of the would-be cultural power couple. Ha.

So come on down to Shelburne. It’s a lovely little town on Nova Scotia’s south shore. We had a blast there last year, and are looking forward to a repeat performance. See you there?


One response to “A Shelburne state of mind”

  1. I am thrilled about a possible movie on Homing. I will get my gala outfit ready to go! I have just written down all the books you have suggested in this page of blogs and am off to the library. How does a girl like me get herself a copy of Son of a Rudderless Boat?
    i miss you guys. Love mary

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