Frogs abound

This week, I’ve been reading Amphibian, by Carla Gunn. It is kicking my ass. With its goodness. Her protagonist, Phin, is a kid who’s obsessed with climate change, and all the ways humans seem to be wrecking the world. The voice is so clear and fresh, and the writing is breaking my heart in a dozen ways. Also, there’s a beautiful green frog on the cover.

Which makes Frog Hollow Books an appropriate place to launch it, I guess. Which is just what Carla will do tomorrow night. I’m really excited, because it’s always great to get to hear a new writer read (new to me, and new in that this is her first novel). But also because I’ve been asked to open for her.

It’s been a long time since I read from Homing. So I’m super looking forward to seeing you there tomorrow night. Be sure to come up and say hey after.

Starts at 7 at Frog Hollow Books at Park Lane Mall…free admission, but bring a few bucks if you can, to buy Carla’s book!


One response to “Frogs abound”

  1. I’m sorry I missed the launch–I just finished Amphibian and it’s so good! I want to hug that little dude so hard.

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