Last night and next week

Kev has been on tour the last month with Steve Bowers, Norma MacDonald and Christina Martin. They call it the Whisky Hymnal tour and it’s been amazing. Four great singer songwriters, singing their great songs, telling stories, playing on each other’s tunes and taking pot shots at each other. I made it out to four or five of the dates, and each was amazing in its own way.

Last night’s gig in Amherst was something else all together, though.

It’s Kev’s hometown, and so in a way it’s mine too. The place was packed, with friends and family and Amherstonians of various descriptions. Thom Swift was on the bill for this one, replacing Christina for one night only. Kev was in fine form, so happy to be playing his first theatre show in Amherst. His songs were great, his hosting was great, the crowd was great. Great, great, great.

On a whim, I’d grabbed a few copies of Homing on my way out the door. Steve, who liked the book so much not only did he give me a fantastic blurb for it, he also named his album after it. very graciously invited me to perform the song Homing with him and the others for the night’s finale. I should say that my father in law prompted him too, and after being asked point blank about it, Steve graciously invited me etc.

Anyhow. Nervous! I never get nervous, but I was super nervous about this one.

But it was such a blast. We did this at the CD release party back in August. The song has two parts; the first is the songwriter writing about the pigeon, the second is the pigeon’s response. Between those parts is my part…I read a bit of the book…in which Harold shows up at Henry’s house and just won’t leave, and Henry receives a message that may or may not be meant for him. Meanwhile the band plays on…and then I get to sing on the pigeon’s response part, the part of the song that truly breaks my heart (there is such a part in every song Steve Bowers writes) the part that goes “always homing and never home.”

So amazing to feel those nerves, to feel totally alive and awake and to sing out those beautiful words. There’s actually some video footage of the performance from August. Watch this space for that, soon.

Oh, and one last chance to catch these guys together. The tour wraps up tonight in Antigonish at the Dragonfly Cafe… go if you can, you won’t regret it.

And I should note, next Saturday, I’ll be a celebrity book seller at Frog Hollow Books from noon to 2pm. I can’t wait! It’s been many years since I had the pleasure of selling books, and Frog Hollow has been so, so good to me in so many ways for so many years, so I am delighted to be able to hang out in that fine establishment and maybe recommend to you some of the books I have loved most lately. Drop by and see us Saturday April 18, noon to 2pm. Park Lane Mall. Don’t forget to bring your paperback money!


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