Among writers

The fiercely fantastic Sue Goyette hosted a writers’ salon at her house this afternoon. It was awesome, in a word. So great to sit in a beautiful green room, with good snacks, a glass of port and writers and poets for company. We discussed the necessity of writing for happiness and the reality of working for a living. We discussed subjectivity and mentoring (where it goes right and where it goes terribly wrong) and writing lots or only a little, and how it all makes you more awake, and how awakeness is what we’re after.

It was heartening to be among my fellows even if only for a few hours.

And then I came home to discover the world’s best house-husband assiduously cleaning the kitchen floor in preparation for Tuesday’s photo shoot.

Oh, haven’t I mentioned that?

The Coast is preparing a home-fashion issue. And they’re coming to shoot our kitchen and talk to us about it, on Tuesday at 8:30 am. It has occasioned much fuss around our place. Much fuss and mopping.


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