I started writing soon as I figured out how to hold a pencil. I have done very little in the way of developing other skills, though I am reasonably good at talking on the radio, and I am a pretty great cook.

I wrote Homing in November 2003 for NaNoWriMo…actually, I took on the challenge for a radio story for CBC’s Definitely Not the Opera. I was working there at the time, my colleagues liked my pitch, I experienced a brief moment of triumph before the head-splitting realization set in that, god damn it, I was going to have to write a novel.

I procrastinated, blardy blardy blah, ended up writing several tens of thousands of words in about three days near the end of November, ended up with a finished, but flawed manuscript, and spent the next few years alternately polishing and ignoring it.

Then along came Robbie from Invisible Publishing with an offer to make it into a book, and that was that.

Homing won the Margaret and John Savage First Book Award in 2008. I had such an out-of-body experience when they called my name, I didn’t even turn to look at, let alone kiss, my husband. I just bolted for the lectern to accept my award. Because I am all class.

Homing was optioned for film in 2009, but the wheels of filmmaking in Canada move slowly. No news to report on that front at this moment.

Fallsy Downsies was brought out by Invisible Publishing in fall 2013. It’s about fame, hero worship, art, and getting old, and it was inspired by Britney Spears. No, really. It won the Jim Connors Dartmouth Book Award for Fiction.

In December 2015, I wrapped up my work at CBC Radio and returned to my previously scheduled life as an artist. I’m working on my third novel, Good Birds Don’t Fly Away, and a variety of freelance projects, including a couple of non-fiction books, both due out in autumn 2018. I also work as a freelance editor/writing coach, and run a writing workshop for kids called Tiny Empire Writing Workshop. I am the co-founder and co-executive director of the AfterWords Literary Festival, and my book for middle grade readers, Amazing Atlantic Canadian Women, was co-written with Penelope Jackson and published by Nimbus in November 2021.


8 Comments on “About”

  1. Elise Cotter says:


    As a French Canadian, I was wondering if you had the same background? Your name seems French and, being in Halifax, I thought you would have Arcadian descents, but then I read you grew up in Mississauga. Please appease my curiosity. Thank you.

    • stephaniedomet says:

      Hi Elise…nope, not French Canadian. My last name is Lebanese. I’m half that and half Italian. But mostly Canadian. My parents and their parents (except one, my maternal grandmother) were all born in Canada.

  2. […] Stephanie Domet is a CBC radio host on Mainstreet. But, first and foremost, she considers herself a writer. Fallsy Downsies won the 2014 Dartmouth Book Award for Fiction. I liked this book so much that I immediately went to the library to get her first book, Homing, which I am hoping to read this month. […]

  3. Shelley says:

    Truly enjoy your writing in Mindful. I’ve been reading you for a while never realizing that you’re in Halifax. Well I’m from Southwest Nova today I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Halifax reading your article on getting curious.
    Thanks for the nudge to get more curious.

    • stephaniedomet says:

      Thanks for your kind note, Shelley! What a tiny empire, hey? I hope your curiosity journey is surprising in the best way.

  4. Beth Irvine says:

    Thank you for your workshop with RWAC this afternoon, Stephanie. You have inspired me, especially with your positive energy and your comments about critique groups.

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