In the homestretch

Well, here we are, just a few days of writing sabbatical left. Big sigh. At the farmers’ market yesterday, the clerk at Fox Hill said, that went fast. I said, yeah, if you think it went fast for you, imagine how fast it went for me. I can’t believe it’s almost over, but I’m so gratified to have had the time, and so pleased with what I accomplished, and with what I’ve discovered about the story and characters. I would love to have produced more pages, ultimately, what writer wouldn’t? But I feel like I have a solid jumping off point now to see it through to completion by September, second draft by the end of December.
Tour was great and exhausting and I learned a lot, and figured out some of my most important stuff on the road.
I’m feeling a bit nervous about my return to work. It’s a funny feeling. I know I’ll remember how to do it… though it make take me a few days to get back in the groove. I hope they still like me! I’ve been leading such a solitary life for the last couple of months, mostly talking to myself. I imagine I’ll feel somewhat flayed the first couple of days, imagining all those pairs of ears. Go easy on me, people. At least for the first week. After that, you can let fly.


Life imitating art

Or the other way around, or maybe both. I am on the road right now, as Kev takes living rooms and basements around Ontario by storm. He earned a Home Routes tour and so we’ve spent the last couple weeks together in the car, touring around, playing a concert in a different house each night. It’s been intense and awesome, and I’ve even managed to get some writing done.
More importantly, I’ve had that magic time in the car to let my mind wander and pick through the elements of my story that still stymie me. And I’ve had some important breakthroughs–some insights into what actually motivates Lansing Meadows, and what eventually leads to the rift between him and Evan Cornfield. And even Dacey Brown is moving into sharper focus.
I will be sorry to leave this full time artist life behind in two weeks. Though I hear from afar there are a number of juicy stories unfolding in Nova Scotia, and I feel the pull of daily radio. It’s a tough balance, the two lives, and I will be spending some of my remaining time figuring out how to balance them better. I’ll be back on the air on February 28th. The novel’s first draft won’t be finished–but at least I’ll know how to proceed. And that feels like a huge triumph. A more reasonable, achievable goal is a completed first draft by September, a completed second draft by the end of December. And if it goes my way, maybe publication by fall 2012.
In other news, it looks like Lady Hammond has received first draft funding for Homing, with Tricia Fish screenwriting. This is great news for that team, and I’ll be interested to see what happens next.
So, lots of forward momentum. And, for a taste of what I’ve been up to on the road, here’s a little video from our stop in Kanata, Ontario. Don’t say I never gave you anything.