Got up this morning with much reluctance, flowed like molasses in January to the table to write…and managed to get a nice little road section with Evan Cornfield and Lansing Meadows. Clear articulation of Evan’s goals and fears. Lansing crusty, as per usual. Plus, I found some writing I apparently did in June that’s maybe pretty good, and is going to get an airing tonight at Porkpie. So if you’re in the mood for some delicious fresh-baked writing, Porkpie is the place for you. The Company House, Gottingen and Cunard, 7pm. Five bucks at the door, cheap wine once you’re inside.



Just a quicky. I am reading at Porkpie Four tomorrow night at the Company House. You should probably plan to be there. There’s a pile of great writers on the bill, and I’ll be reading something brand new. So new it hasn’t been written yet! Whee! A new little chunk of Fallsy Downsies, coming your way in less than twenty four hours. Gotta go!

Worth the drive to Yarmouth

Had a lovely time in Yarmouth yesterday, despite the long solitary drive there and back (seven hours round trip). The Library people I was there to talk to were great, great, great. They asked really thought provoking questions and they seemed to really enjoy the reading. Lots of them bought books and stuck around to chat afterward. It was exactly what you’d hope for if you’d driven three and a half hours on a rainy Saturday morning and had not much to look forward to but a three and a half hour drive back.

It was nice to take Fallsy Downsies out for a bit of a walk as well. I read them a short section about Dacey Brown and her dream life. I love the image from one of her dreams, in which she is driving two cars along a sere winter road. She lurches a few feet forward in one car, hops out, goes back for the other, brings it forward, and on and on. I feel like that so much of the time with writing and working. These twin lives, each of which I seem to need, neither of which I’m willing to abandon, and so they lurch ahead slowly, so slowly, one getting momentum, then stopping for the other.

The talk I gave was nominally about balance, which is hilarious, considering it’s the thing I struggle toward most. But maybe that made me a good choice for the conference. I’ve certainly thought about it a lot, that’s for sure.

Anyhow, onward to the next: Mount Saint Vincent University on Tuesday night, then Porkpie Four on Thursday. I am going to try to write something new for Porkpie.  Not sure what, nor about which character. I guess you’ll have to drop by the Company House on Thursday to find out, yeah?

Feeling bookish

There are so many bookish events coming up in the next few weeks. What a great way to usher in the season of curling up under blankets to read and write.

On Tuesday night I’ll be giving a talk at Mount Saint Vincent University. They’re celebrating writing next week, with many fine events. Here’s a link to some highlights. My colleagues Carsten Knox and Ryan Turner are taking part in one of the panels… and I wish I could go, but my damn day job generally keeps me desk-bound (and it only becomes my damn day job when it gets in the way of something I want to do.)

Then on Thursday next, it’s Porkpie Four at the Company House, featuring a pile of good writers as previously mentioned.

On November 3, Anna Quon is launching her beautiful book Migration Songs. I’ve been asked to read and speak at that event and I just cannot wait. That’s happening at the Company House as well. Busy spot!

Later that week, Zach Wells is launching his new book. I think his launch is on November 5 if I’m not mistaken… and possibly also at the CoHo. All I can tell you is that I’m glad that place is stumbling distance from my house, as it looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time there over the next two weeks.

Then Ryan Turner‘s book launch (can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait) is happening at the CoHo on Friday, November 13.

And then I collapse under a stack of delicious new books.

A post in search of a title, and possibly also a point

I said I was looking forward to winter, but maybe I meant not quite yet. It’s been a cold and blustery week in Halifax… three measly degrees today. Too soon, too soon! Kev is away now… he’ll be home for a few hours on Sunday, but then gone again, for a month. The furnace is on as I type this. I am too wussy to tough it out till November.

Tara Thorne and I are cooking up a delicious edition of Porkpie for October 29. (Or Porkies, as the unfortunate typo on the poster at the Company House has it). I’m so pleased with the direction in which the series is heading. We’re starting to hear from people who want to read at it, which is always a good thing. So I’m very pleased to report that our bill on October 29 will feature matt robinson, Susan Mersereau, Eva Madden-Hagen, Ryan Turner (whose new book is very nearly ready, and about whom you should be very excited) and myself rounding out the bill just for kicks. Tara will host, it’ll start at 7pm and be done by 9, and it’s a Thursday, which means cheap-but-good wine at the CoHo. You’d be silly to miss it, really.

I feel like I had something else to say… and now I’m not convinced I did. It’s kind of been that kind of day.


After a weekend of houseguests and much cooking and laundering and organizing, I figured I might as well do a little digital housekeeping as well. I have a small stack of events coming up this month, so the Out and About page has been updated accordingly. Hope to see you…out and about, as they say.

Fade in: INT. House – Day

So I think I’m finally figuring this thing out. I wrote a second draft of the treatment for Homing: The Movie… and it didn’t suck! And I wrote two full scenes…and I’m pretty sure they didn’t suck either! So that’s very exciting. In fact, I am beginning to feel real enthusiasm for writing this thing, which is great.

Up till now the enthusiasm has been intellectual. As in: Hmmn, interesting challenge, I wonder if I can figure out how to make a novel into a film. And then that feeling was interspersed with lots of despair and aggravation and boredom at what felt like simple retelling of a story I’d already written and moved past years ago.

But, having immersed myself fully in trying to solve the story’s problems as it moves from novel to screenplay, having watched a zillion movies a week, having read the screenplays for Dead Poets’ Society and Rushmore (both films I’ve watched ad nauseum), I actually feel like not only CAN I do this… I really, really WANT to do this.

Hurray for that! And also, having completed the treatment, some character studies and two master scenes in time to meet a couple of funding deadlines…I just may be able to steal back a bit of time to work on Fallsy Downsies. Bring on the winter, I say, with its short days and quiet mornings and husband on tour–all perfect for getting some serious writing done. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to winter before. I must be growing up.