A little lunch music

Quick note to say Kev Corbett is playing Tunes at Noon at City Hall in Halifax today… grab your lunch and I’ll see you there!

Bill is in the mail

Well, Hurricane Bill was barely worth getting out of bed for. The sun is already out in southern Nova Scotia after fierce rain and wind this morning. Still grey here in Halifax, but the rain has basically stopped. We were without power for an hour or so. We shared a cheese-tomato-homemade pesto sandwich. Had a vodka and soda. Sat in the living room near the window and read. It is the most relaxed we’ve been in months, and that includes while we were on vacation. More tropical storms and hurricanes for me, please.

I am reading Which Lie Did I Tell, and it’s awesome. I am learning tonnes about movies from it. Plus, it’s super entertaining. Kev is reading Shakey, the book about Neil Young. Kev is now fast asleep. Speaking of relaxed.

Sadness yesterday. Frog Hollow Books locked its doors for good. I’d been trying to go in there for two weeks to say goodbye, but I just couldn’t make myself do it. Managed to get my act together ten minutes before closing. Went in and had a good cry with Heidi, drank canned wine from a Tim Horton’s cup, bought three books I don’t even know what they are, just to buy them, cried some more, and got the hell out. I will miss that place, and I wish I’d thought to go in there every single week to spend thirty bucks. If there’s an independent bookstore where you live, go there. It makes a difference. My book was always on the shelf at Frog Hollow, but I’ve never seen a single copy in Chapters. At Frog Hollow, they read my book, they loved my book, they put my book in the hands of hundreds and hundreds of readers. At Chapters, I’m just someone who might spend eight bucks on a roll of wrapping paper. Frog Hollow gave me my first job in Halifax and kept the wolf from my door. Then they recommended dozens of good books to read over the years, and finally, they hosted my book launch when Homing came out, and did the aforementioned hand selling that is so very vital to any author’s success. And I will miss the hell out of that place. So don’t delay. Go see your local independent bookseller today. PS: Costco is not an independent bookseller.


A Shelburne state of mind

It is festival season round the Domet-Corbett household. The weekend just past, we were in Lunenburg for the excellent Folk Harbour Festival. Kev released his brand new record, Son of a Rudderless Boat, on Thursday night on the Festival’s mainstage. It was awesome. He received a huge, rolling, standing ovation (not that standing-Os are rare round these parts, but this one seemed to go on and on. And then all weekend long, he was getting high-fived everywhere we went. It was super cool.

The weekend coming up is the second annual Shelburne Writers’ Festival. I’m hosting the proceedings, and will be reading, as well. Maybe from Homing, but more likely from Fallsy Downsies. I am excited to be sharing the stage with writers like Donna Morrissey and Kenneth J Harvey among many others. Kev will also be playing… he’s the live music portion of the open mic on Saturday night. It’s going to be a fun weekend.

It’s also going to mean our garden remains unweeded for another week, but such is the life of the would-be cultural power couple. Ha.

So come on down to Shelburne. It’s a lovely little town on Nova Scotia’s south shore. We had a blast there last year, and are looking forward to a repeat performance. See you there?

The Homing stretch

So, there’s writing, which I find not particularly hard. Then there’s rewriting, which I hate and fear, but am trying to learn to embrace (remind me to talk more about that some time). Then there’s taking something you’ve written, rewritten, re-rewritten and had published and…writing it again.

That’s a real feat. I’ve been wrestling with the treatment for Homing (the movie) for some time now. Lots of reading and thinking and making notes and writing and thinking and rewriting and thinking and then rewriting again. Oh, and some movie watching too. I finally finished the process yesterday around 5pm. I felt roughly the way I did upon finishing the writing of the novel in the first damn place. Triumphant, relieved, terrified, totally tapped out.

What an odd experience to write that story again, same but different. Many things stayed the same, but a surprising number of details changed necessarily. At this point, it still feels very much like Homing the book. I understand that things may yet change in future iterations of Homing the movie, but I feel okay about that at this point. I may have more to say about this some time in the future. For now, I’m just glad I can move to the next phase… sending the treatment to the producers, and chilling out for a bit.

So, you know, mission accomplished, thus far.